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National Bongo Task Force Meeting July 2010

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

National Bongo Task Force Meeting July, 22, 2010 KWS Headquarters, Nyeri, Kenya The National Bongo Task Force (BTF) regrouped for another meeting on July 22 at the KWS Aberdare Headquarters in Nyeri, Kenya.  In addition to Official Task Force members, Dr. Jake Veasey, Behaviorist and EEP Coordinator for Bongo, from Woburn Safari Park attended this […]

Mount Kenya Bongo Project Update

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

A two-year drought ended a few months ago in Kenya with some much need rainfall. To further aid the drought relief, the long rains have now begun in the Mount Kenya and Laikipia District. Things are going well with the Bongo herd at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy (MKWC). The health of the heard is […]

New satellite transmitter is ready.

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

The new bongo satellite transmitters have been acquired.  The new design has a very substantial antenna and will mount on the backside of the bongo’s horn.  This will be a great improvement over the first transmitter which became inoperable after the antenna failed.  Meanwhile, the bongo herd at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy has grown […]

New Developments for Tracking Bongo!

Friday, December 5th, 2008

If you have visited the gallery section you will have seen some photos of our initial trial of a satellite transmitter or PTT installed on a male bongo last year. Using satellite transmitters on wildlife is not new to wildlife conservation management. However, the method in which we attach the transmitter to a bongo is […]


Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Welcome to the new blog at the new web site of the International Bongo Foundation. We intend to bring you news here both from the IBF office in Ft. Worth and from Mt. Kenya where the repatriation project is underway. Remember to subscribe to the mailing list to receive occasional updates.